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"Very happy with my results at the first visit"

--Mayra Espinal

"This machine is absolutely wonderful. Before my first treatment I was very apprehensive, but Dr. Fernandez made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The DRX 9000 was very gentle and after a few treatments I felt a huge difference. Thanks Doc!"

--Loren L.

Spinal Decompression has risen as a standard in the treatment of low back pain, sciatica, herniated, and bulging discs for a simple reason. It works! The DRX9000® is a state-of-the-art system for non-surgical spinal decompression. Medical doctors have studied the DRX9000®, at institutions such as John Hopkins University, Duke University, and the Mayo Clinic. It is a viable option for those who suffer from a variety of musculoskeletal disorders affecting the low back region. The DRX9000®, gently stretches the lumbar spine, without twisting or cracking, decompressing the structures therein removing inflammation and decreasing pain from sciatica and other conditions.. Here at The Spinal Decompression Center of Fishkill, the DRX9000® is our flagship treatment. Patients cleared for the DRX9000® will enjoy a gentle treatment protocol that will reduce their pain and get them back to enjoying life!


For more information on spinal decompression and the DRX9000®, stop by our location in Fishkill. Or to schedule a consultation, call us at 845-255-2121.

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